View Full Version : Summer Breeze/ Ghost "STRUMS"

12-15-2010, 08:45 PM
Hey Everyone, I'm trying to spice up Aldrine's version of summer breeze


I learned the ghost note technique Aldrine use's in the intro thanks to tallgrassU.com 's video:


but now my strum sounds pretty simple and boring compared to what Adlrine taught in his lesson. It sounds as if he were using Ghost "Strum" techniques only those with super uke powers do haha JK! I was just wondering if anyone knew of or could point me in the direction to learn some cool strum techniques that put tremolo's or trimlets, pinky mutes, chunks, 2 finger rolls and other stuff all together in a strum lesson package! Summer Breeze would be a great song for it cause Aldrine use's so many cool strumming patterns that change up the sound and gives the song so much life! Thanks everyone! Hope I'm not asking for to much...maybe I should just practice and learn on my own. :)