View Full Version : Need advice - which passive pickup for Honu Concert?

12-26-2010, 06:30 PM
Aloha everyone!
I'd like to add a passive pickup to my Honu (Big Island) Concert uke. It is a great little uke but, as many of you know, they are rather quiet. I lead worship at a local nursing home on Sunday mornings (using other instruments, so far) and would love to use this uke, but in the big room where we gather, I definitely need a pickup! (I've thought of mic'ing it but I move around a lot, not to mention I don't want to drag a microphone around, plus the uke, plus the music, plus the amp....)
On a side-note, I have a wonderful Koaloha Tenor, which is just terrific and much louder, but I have a serious joint injury in my left hand and the extra length of the fingerboard on the tenor is just too painful and difficult for me for the time being (I've been warned by a hand specialist to not play at all - and when I'm cleared to play I must start gradually and very slowly.)
All that to say, can anyone recommend an excellent, passive pickup for my Honu Concert? Is there a link on UU with good advice? I really want to keep a good 'ukulele sound and not an "artificial" sound if possible. I don't mind paying extra for good quality.
While I'm on the subject, I also want to add a pickup to my Koaloha Tenor at some point. Advice for it would be great, too!
If it matters, I have Worth strings on the Honu (and the Koaloha) and I'm using a Roland MicroCube guitar amp at the nursing home.
Thanks so much! (Sorry for the long post!)