View Full Version : Soprano string set-upís

12-29-2010, 03:33 AM
Still only has my Yamaha guitarlele with me. My cheap old soprano tuned in D is in my old home.

An Ovation Applause soprano with amplification options has arrived to Denmark from Germany, but due to our huge problems with snow it stayed in the UPS depot today. Too far for me to go. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.

This one is a black one with the multiple soundholes, carved leaves, and a massive top. It is documented at the Ovation site.

However I also found another Ovation Applause soprano with the same modle #, the same top, and the same amplification options, but with one center hole and no leaf decoration. If I like the one on its way to me, I may also buy te other one.

Point is that I am speculating in having one in D tuning and another in C tuning. I very likely will stay thinking like in the 4 top strings of a guitar, chordwise, but writing out the chord symbols in transposition will be no problem. If I record myself for being background for my wind instruments, using two different reentrant tunings would give some quite tight chords, which I like.

But will the same strings do for D and C tunings? Or are there specialty gauges for each tuning?

Are there specialty strings for concert and for tenor ukes also?

I know about music, but I admit to ignorance, when it comes to uke practices.


PS: This is not a staged drama, at least not by me, but the uke just arrived while writing. Against all expectations. The parcel is very cold, so I wont unpack this baby before it has acclimatized slowly.