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01-03-2011, 07:49 PM

I am stuck! I am buying a vintage mini piano off craigslist, and I have the option of getting a yamaha pss 30, or a couple different casio SA models. I can't seem to find any articles comparing the two, and I was wondering if anyone had experience with them. DO YOU?


(don't mind that last weird comment;) )


Ken Middleton
01-03-2011, 08:51 PM
I was a classroom music teacher for over 30 years. Many years ago I had several of that model of Yamaha and at least one Casio (or one very much like it) that I used as classroom instruments.

I am afraid that they were diabolical then and they will sound even worse now. It would be wrong to think of them in any way as a "piano" - they are not. I don't believe that they will have a good retro sound either because modern Yamaha and Casio keyboards do things infinitely better for a lot less money (in real terms). Seriously, if either of these were offered to me free, I wouldn't accept them. I am going to buying my grand-daughter a keyboard for her 3rd birthday, but I wouldn't consider giving her one of these.

Sorry if this upsets you, or whoever is trying to sell them to you. I am just trying to be honest. I think they are rubbish.

01-04-2011, 12:38 AM
I have that Casio (or something very similar) from years back.. and I can only agree with Ken. I would get a modern instrument instead. They're incredibly cheap, e.g. the Casio CTK-3000 which is a hundred times better for five times the original price of that old toy Casio, and that doesn't even include inflation. Inflation taken into account they're probably about the same price, or just slightly more.

Ukulele JJ
01-04-2011, 03:31 AM
Yes, if you're looking for something to use as a real instrument--maybe to learn or improve your piano chops--then I'd skip both of these.

But if you're just looking for a fun, retro toy (and/or something to circuit bend, or to add to your latest whimsical electronica opus), then knock yourself out! I've long wanted to get a classic Casio VL-1 one of these days myself, just for giggles.

I don't know much about any of the models in question, but I'd go for the Yamaha only because I really dig the look of the early-80s Yamaha keyboards. They all had the cool, DX7-style, "Miami Vice" look with the teal lettering and stuff. :-)


01-04-2011, 06:21 PM
Yeah... My Idea was kind of similar to a very cheap ukulele.I could take places really easily, and not have to worry about it, and they don't seem to make any mini keyboards these days... I understand what you guys are saying, but I figure as long as it is playable, even if the sound itself is terrible, It will be fun, and might even sound good in its own way. Example:


This song got stuck in my head, just because it was unique and fun. I think if you can play that on it, It's a piano.

Ken Middleton
01-04-2011, 09:48 PM
This song got stuck in my head, just because it was unique and fun. I think if you can play that on it, It's a piano.

When something doesn't sound like a piano, look like a piano, work like a piano or feel like a piano, how can you say, "it's a piano"? You might as well say, "it's a melodica".

Anyway, if that's what you want to do, buy it and good luck to you. Make sure you get a power supply.

01-05-2011, 12:26 AM
Well, yes.. if size is a concern then these little keyboards are actually possible to bring along, unlike e.g. the ctk-3000 I mentioned..

Ukulele JJ
01-05-2011, 02:11 PM
You might as well say, "it's a melodica".

Actually, a melodica might be something to consider for this particular purpose. Small, portable, fun.

Doesn't have quite the same cheesy, retro charm. But then, it doesn't need batteries.


03-16-2011, 08:11 PM
I don't have any experiance with these specific models,but I would suggest the bottom one because it seems to have more options :) But if these are for playing real songs with, and not just to play around with it, I wouldnt suggest either of these two keyboards.