View Full Version : "Mighty Moe" speaker strap for electrics

01-04-2011, 02:11 PM
Came across this on craigslist and it looks kinda cool. It's a strap that has a built-in amp and speaker. Probably not the best sound quality, but if you want to be able to stroll around with your electric, it might just fit the bill. $60


Mighty Moe Specs: 2 1/2" wide Tough Leather Strap adjusts from 38" to 54", 1w MightyTone Ampô with 3 inch speaker in a Sleek Contoured Enclosure, custom Reticular Signal Cable adapts to any instrument, Headphone Jack cancels the speaker, On/Off/Volume Dial, Overdrive Intensity Dial,"On" Indicator, 12 ounces (.36kg), Nylon Tote Bag included.

- Play Your Favorite Guitar, Mandolin or Ukulele Anywhere
- Overdrive and Clear Tone Controls are Easy to Get to
- Quick Set-Up and Easy Storage - In Your Case
- Use Your Headphones for Silent Practice
- One 9V Battery Lasts Up To 9 Hours
- Packaged in Attractive Gift Box

01-05-2011, 12:02 AM
I prefer how the amp-u-plug-n-play works better :)

Works great for giving ukes a bit of amplification on the go~