View Full Version : Choo-choo-choose my open mic song for tomorrow night

01-08-2011, 08:44 PM
So, Someone told me about an open mic night in a neighboring city. I'm totally gonna do it. A local coffee shop hosts Acoustic Open Mic nights on Friday's and Sundays. I'm gonna be play my uke with a possibility of my good friend backing me up with his stand up bass. We are gonna practice a bit tomorrow and if it sounds good enough, tomorrow will be the night. If we can get our sound together by tomorrow, I'm Flying solo on Friday night as my friend will be on a plane back to Boston.

There are a few songs I know well enough to play in front of people. I kinda thought it would be cool to let you guys choose the song I play so let me know. I'll check this thread tomorrow to see what you all think. the short list of songs i have here, is in the order that i feel i play/sing the best.

1) Bring me your cup - UB40
2) Angel - Jack Johnson (I feel this is getting a bit boring to play but i do know it well)
3) Bribes - Danielle Ate the Sandwich
4) Home - Jack Johnson

01-08-2011, 09:07 PM
Good lord! I don't know any of these songs! But I think you've listed them in order of your comfort level with them by listing them in order that you feel you play/sing the best, so I suggest that you start at the top (i.e., perform the song you're most comfortable with) and work your way down your list.

01-09-2011, 12:48 AM
I'm tempted to say Danielle, 'cause it's Danielle.

Ukulele JJ
01-09-2011, 04:41 AM
I'd go with one of the Jack Johnson songs.

Audiences dig Jack Johnson.


Papa Tom
01-09-2011, 06:13 AM
I don't know any of these songs, either, but I wish you success at Open Mic Night. I'm always bored to death when performer after performer gets up and whines out one depressing song after another, so if there's something happy in there, I'd choose that one!

Howlin Hobbit
01-09-2011, 09:28 AM
neither UB40 nor Jack Johnson need you out there representin' for them. go with Danielle's song and make sure to give her URL in your intro.

hey! we're all in this together.

(keep your stick on the ice.)

01-09-2011, 10:55 AM
So it seems that Bribes is in the lead for now. I love playing that song, after the first bit because she hits a two higher notes early in the song and, blehh, i dont know how to get around it. It is super fun to play though. I woke up sick today so I'm gonna have to wait till friday in hopes i can shake this cold. But keep on choosin'.

Ukulele JJ
01-09-2011, 12:29 PM
she hits a two higher notes early in the song and, blehh, i dont know how to get around it.

1. Sing those notes an octave lower
2. Sing different notes that sound good anyway
3. Put the whole song in a different key so that those notes aren't too high