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01-11-2011, 11:47 AM
So I have a Mainland Concert with a Mi-Si pick up. I know the pick up works because I occassionally run it through a little honeytone amp when I get bored or am looking to change things up a bit. I recently got the urge to go out and get a 2-channel accoustic amp and took my uke to Guitar Center to see what they had to offer. I'm not a big Guitar Center guy, but they don't typically mind when you play around with thier gear.

I only tried the accoustic amps that they had in the accoustic guitar room, but I have to say that I was pretty underwhelmed. Everything I tried was between 20 and 60 watts, but I can't say that it was very loud. I got the feeling that there was something off by how little I was getting out of the amps. I had one 60w amp all the way up and the gain at 50%, but it wasn't nearly as loud as would have expected. I'm not trying to shred here, but I would like to fill up a room! I had one 20w dialed most of the way up and only had so-so volume. I plugged into my honeytone, jacked that all the way up, and was at least as loud as the 20w dialed up to 75% volume. Has this happened to anyone else? I'll be the first to admit that I don't know alot about these systems, but maybe I'm missing something. Do I need to boost my signal? Is there something with the Mi-Si pickup that interferes with particular amps? I can't figure out for the life of me why I get decent volume from my honeytone but not nearly what I would expect from a bigger box. I'm going to go back when I have more time and try a few more amps, but any input you have would be apprciated.

Thanks in advance,

Ed G.

Uncle Leroy
01-11-2011, 11:52 AM
Fishman Loudbox Mini
Roland AC-33
Both of these are excellent choices.

01-11-2011, 11:54 AM
My set up is very similar mainland tenor with misi. I have a marshal as50d acoustic amp its two channel with reverb and chorus settings and a di xlr out for a pa if required. Pauljmuk speaks highly of it also honestly its one of the best things I've ever bought it sounds incredible. My misi does not need anything for it to be loud?

01-11-2011, 12:00 PM
Is your MiSi fully charged ?
I have never had an issue with volume.
I use a Crate Limo and a MicroCube.

01-11-2011, 12:01 PM
Yeah...I like the Loudbox Mini. I'm going to check out the Roland on my next venture out.

I'm not looking for a specific amp recommendation...I've searched the forum and heard a lot of good things about particular amps. I'm interested in learning if there is a specific reason why the accoustic amps produced a lower than anticipated volume. Criminey! I've had my honeytone up so loud that I find it uncomortable...I should be able to do the same with a 20 watt amp (but couldn't). The only thing I can think of is that maybe my capacitor wasn't fully charged. Any other thoughts?

01-11-2011, 12:04 PM
Mine ran out of charge on a open mic night and was crackily not quiet I would say

01-11-2011, 12:41 PM
Fishman Loudbox Mini
Roland AC-33
Both of these are excellent choices.

What he said ;)

01-11-2011, 12:57 PM
The output of my MiSi is low compared to my Element Active system. The preamp is much stronger with the Element which has to be the difference since they both use the same UST.

I emailed MiSi and they said they know the output of their system is less compared to other systems, but they said that isn't as important as a clean signal to noise ratio. They have a point. If I turn up my AC60 it still puts out more than enough volume.

01-11-2011, 01:24 PM
Yes! See, that is exactly the sort of input I was looking for. The sound was clear, just not loud. Good to know.