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01-14-2011, 06:48 PM
Hey guys!

I'm just a lurker 'round these parts mostly, I forget to log in most of the time (DOH!), so I don't post much :P I got my ukulele December 10th, and I've been playing nonstop since. First day, 10 hours. Second, slightly less. Etc. Except with school and all its been a little less, but still a lot :D I absolutely love it, its my new favorite instrument (tie with piano) and everybody else loves it too :D I've learned quite a bit, alternately learning songs from tabs/by ear/UU tutorials and then working on drills, picking exercises and such, mostly from the "Uke Minutes" section (which I've recommended to everyone I know who plays). Most of the songs I've learned are tutorials on UU, 1234, Tears In Heaven, Rhythm of Love, and a few other easy ones like Down Under, a couple Bob Marley songs, stuff like that. I've quickly been sucked in, and its GREAT! :D Hope to be a little more involved in the forums now ^.^


mm stan
01-14-2011, 07:13 PM
Aloha Phil,
I see you're taking the first step to be active here....welcome....google Musicteacher2010 and Keonepax for some awesome video tutorials and Dr Uke for some songs, chords, and instruction....have fun and enjoy!!
Happy Strummin'.......MM Stan...