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01-19-2011, 04:27 AM
Hi all,

So I'm pretty new to the Uke. I play guitar and Manolin so I have the understanding of a stringed instrument. I just restrung my Uke (standard style). I'm tuning it now and it feels to me that the strings loose. I'm not sure if that's normal or if they should be real tight like a guitar. I feel if I tune them up another full step it may break the strings...

01-19-2011, 05:45 AM
The lowest sounding (thickest) string, your 3rd string, should be tuned to middle C. That that note on a guitar is second string first fret. The strings should not be loose, should be similar to a guitar. Standard uke tuning is like having a capo on the 5th fret of a guitar, except for the forth string which is an octave higher. Hope that helps and welcome to UU


01-19-2011, 06:00 AM
Thanks Lori, that's a big help. I'll just tune up from where I am.

01-19-2011, 06:04 AM
Try this pal