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Pete Howlett
01-19-2011, 10:37 PM
I hope you like the irony of the title - I am aiming for Europe as well this year but classes are yet to be confirmed.

Here is the brief text of an email sent to those who have already contacted me. Reluctant to publish costs here I have done so. Please kindly refrain from using this thread to comment about this - my front end costs are currently running at $3000 :( If you want to discuss this with me then pm using my mailbox - I have spent a week on the financial aspects of this and from my research, feel the course is very keenly priced well below instructional seminars that offer nothing but advice or a rudimentary product at the end...

​Sorry for the delay. The last of the logistical problems have been solde and I now have provisional dates and info - These may differ from earlier communications because of some last minute changes to my schedule here in the UK: I have a Finnish intern coming in April and my prodigal daughter decided she wanted to get married on the 29th May, informing me just this weekend.

The new dates for LA are:
6th - 8th June
9th - 10th June

And the dates for Indiana to coincide with the World Ukulele Congress are:

2nd - 4th June
Brief course details:
All three venues have a limit of 6 students. To book early you need to make a $225 deposit to me via PayPal agreeing to pay the fee and the balance of $550 is then paid at the start of the course in cash:)

​You will be building is a 4 string tenor ukulele in solid koa with a flat headstock and geared tuners. Day 1 deals with the body, day 2 the neck and fingerboard and day 3, set-up and finishing your uke. You will be able to make decisions regarding the top of the headstock shape, fingerboard markings and neck shape and profile.

Classes will start at 9.00am and finish at 5.00pm. You will walk away on day 3 with a ukulele in the raw - I will show you how to produce an oil and a cellulose spray-can finish on day 3... The cost for these workshops is $775 to cover the kit cost ($475) and tuition.

The following is very provisional at present
I hope to also conduct 3 evening workshops in LA:

Luthier Alchemy - a wide ranging lecture/demonstration covering wood choice and selection, hand bending, neck carving technology and bridge placement. This is a free ranging session that will allow you to ask searching questions and get me to demonstrate in detail some of the real mysteries of building. Limited to 12 places, costing $20 booked in advance
Blues Ukulele Workshop and concert - an evening of irreverent fun showing you how to play High Heeled Sneakers, Walking Blues and I Am Born To Preach The Gospel on ukulele followed by a concert titled From Sebastapol to Spartanburg - and will show you how I translate blues guitar to the ukulele :) Workshop limited to 20 students and concert 100. Workshop + concert is $30 booked in advance. Concert only $10 on the door
Set-up class - a hands on class for students who want to set up their own ukulele whilst learning the rudiments of fret dressing, crowning and polishing, string seating and saddle compensation. Limited to 6 students costing $35 booked in advance.
In Indiana I hope to conduct the Luthier Alchemy workshop one evening...

Kind Regards
Pete Howlett

Pete Howlett
01-20-2011, 09:33 PM
We have now interest from 6 delegates - that is a third of the cohort necessary for me to make the trip. 'cmon y'all start saving your pennies and sign up for this :)