View Full Version : The UU unicycle club! Come Join!

01-21-2011, 04:03 PM
Hey I've gotten responses from at least 2 people here now about how they unicycle too. So why not make a thread about it?! Maybe we can convince some other people as well.

Why do I unicycle? For a few reasons
1. It's a really cool feeling, and not too many people can say that they can do it.
2. It's one of the few extreme sports that doesn't require super high speeds to do crazy tricks.
3. It's an amazingly challenging sport, and relatively safe with precautions
4. There are many types of unicycling.
-Some styles include: Street, Flatland, Trials, Mountain Unicycling, Touring, Performing, etc.
5. There are cool types of uni's, like giraffes, or mountain unicycles, geared hub unicycles etc.
6. It's an AMAZING way to stay in shape.
-It works out just about every muscle from your waist down, and also works on your stomach and back. Some would say it works on your shoulders, arms, and neck as well.
7. It's strange, and people don't see it all the time... I really like odd things... like the ukulele for example ;)

10-21-2015, 06:36 PM
Count me in on the Unicycle Club.

Love the sport.

10-21-2015, 11:43 PM
Love my Uni, and my Ukes

10-22-2015, 01:19 AM
I came very close to getting a unicycle for all the reasons you mentioned. A bad fall (from walking!) a few years ago that I took years to recover from made me reconsider going the unicycle route.

So, I got into kick scooters instead. One of them is a Sbyke84552 with a 20" front wheel, so that is probably the closest I will get to a cool ride like a unicycle.

08-01-2017, 03:26 AM
I rode one when I was young, don't know if I'd take it up again.

08-01-2017, 04:11 AM
Yes, but can you play uke & sing while riding the uni? That would be impressive!

Croaky Keith
08-01-2017, 04:41 AM
I tried one of those mountain uni cycles, but I couldn't get the hang of it unfortunately, maybe I was just too old & not flexible enough. :cool:

Down Up Dick
09-07-2017, 03:43 AM
My wife and I usta tour on a tandem bicycle. I wonder where one would find a tandem unicycle . . . :old: