View Full Version : Tab software for rhythm slashes

01-27-2011, 05:43 AM
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone can recommend any suitable (free :D) software where I can put rhythm slashes in the staff.

I have Powertab which is fine for tabbing melody and chord shapes/inversions, etc. but sometimes the song arrangement is simple - I just need to show the chords above the rhythm slashes so that the player can keep in time while strumming. Powertab can insert rhythm slashes but they go over the staff ... which is a bit of a waste when I don't need to tab out any notes in the staff in the first place.

From stuff people recommended in earlier threads, I've had a look at tabledit (is that the right spelling? :confused:) and guitar pro ... but both of them don't seem to have what I need ... unless I'm missing something :confused: Plus, they're not free :(