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01-30-2011, 09:46 PM
...but thought I'd let y'all know.http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=350267104
The listing has been on our Trademe before and last time it was posted, the questions were answered thus:
can you tell me what it says on the headstock and inside? barnaby12 (33 ) 6:48 am, Wed 22 Dec
Answer: Aloha at the top and hawaii on headstock cant read what it says inside i think its a signature it could be hoiau or aoiau hope that helps 7:21 am, Wed 22 Dec
Question: Hi, I would be very surprised if this was made by a recognised luthier . The headstock appears to be decorated with a simple transfer decal, basically a generic Hawaii souvenir type instrument, albeit and old one. A serious builder would have his name inside the uke on a label. Hope this helps. dpo1 (67 ) 9:15 am, Thu 23 Dec
Answer: i have found out more info on the maker please correct me if im wrong it has the tuba copywright marking the makers were Akai or the aloha ukelele manufacturing co one of the same there is one at the moment forsale at [gryphon stringed instruments] exacly the same with a repaired crack up the back for US $675 9:45 am, Thu 23 Dec
Question: The decal label & stamped label inside are probably less to do with the maker, & more to verify that it is genuinely made in Hawaii. I have a couple of guitars with the same decals but both have different maker's names. Timber looks like Koa (trad. Hawaiian timber for ukes) & the soundhole rings are inlays (look like it). The body isn't bound around the edges with timber... usually means it is not a top of the line model. Sure looks in much better condition than the one being sold by Gryphon rosawolkind (96 ) 5:35 pm, Sat 25 Dec
Answer: thanks for that yes the trademark verifies its made in hawai and the words Akai burnt in are definitly the the makers name goggle has loads of info its just matter of having time to look thanks 6:50 pm, Sat 25 Dec