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07-13-2008, 07:05 PM
Guitar Center today and was really impressed. I own a lot of sound
equipment, but this piece is SUPER compact, LOUD and clean. It
mounts on a microphone stand and there is an available boom
attachment, to add a mile to the same stand. The two, independently
volume adjustable, channels have combination XLR / 2/4" jacks for
each. There is a third independently volume adjustable channel that
has stereo RCA jacks. I was thinking a rythym machine or portable
CD player would be good applications, here. Three band EQ and a
150 watt power amp coupled to a 5 1/4" speaker that really belts
out clean, full-range sound. Technology sure has come a long way.
Does anyone here, use one of these? Test one out at a local Guitar
Center, don't just take my word for it. This may well be the ticket
for traveling musicians, as it only weighs 7.6 pounds. I bet Gerald
Ross will love these! Ric








07-13-2008, 09:49 PM
I'm a big fan of Mackie PA systems, they are well designed, great sound and plenty of power.

I use one for small theatre/film/band performances in 120ish venues, very versatile noise makers.

Never seen this one though, bit smaller than I am used to, can it work a crowd?

07-14-2008, 04:52 AM
Never seen this one though, bit smaller than I am used to, can it work a crowd?

I don't own one, but I tried it yesterday and it has more output than my Crate Taxi TX15. My Taxi has been successfully used in front of a crowd of 70. I like the size, weight and acoustical output of the SM150. Ric

This is a response, from another:


"Have two of them. I used them as mains in a restaurant and filled up the place without blasting anyone out of the room. I also used them as monitors in addition to two other speakers in a room that could hold 200 people. They work well as monitors but i learned that you have to plug the monitor lead from the mixer into the front then daisy chain to the other speaker from the thru jack at the back and in again at the the front. this gives you level control into the speaker. I used CH 1. They are excellent. I also used just one with a guitar and mike in a jam situation and it was great. I like the light weight which allows one to carry them around easily. The sound repro is very natural and the volume is decent for the size. The stands are just standard mike stands that use the adapters that come with the setup. I use regular mike cables to hook up to the mixer. Very simple set up. No need roadies liʻdat.

No'eau, eia au he mea pa'ani wale nō."