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02-10-2011, 05:59 PM
Hello !! Everyone,

I have been planing to start building a super soprano.
I don't really have a plan for super soprano, but I do have a concert plan and a soprano plan.

This is what I plan to do. If you know that something is terribly wrong, please let me know. I really appreciate it.

(1)I will follow the soprano plan to make the uke body. The body will have a Engelmann spruce top and mahogany side and back. I probably will sand the top to ~2.1 to 2.3 mm. Is it too thick?

(2)Then I will follow the concert plan to make the neck. The fret board will be in 15" scale.

(3)After that, I will just attach the concert neck to the soprano body. If I simply glue the neck to the body without any dowel or bolt, is there going to be strong enough?

In my imagination, I think it is going to work. What do you guys think?

Thank you all for your input. Really appreciate it.

02-10-2011, 06:15 PM
1) That's a bit thicker than I've built. But it depends on the specific piece of wood.
2) You need to think about where the nexk meets the body in order to place the bridge in the right place. 14th fret connection perhaps?
3) I would at least use a dowel, a screw or a barrel nut (making it bolt on). But I've seen others making glue joints without any of these three. A simple wood screw can be put after glueing, if you attach the neck before the back. I do this on my piccolos.

Good luck!

02-10-2011, 07:06 PM
2) You need to think about where the nexk meets the body in order to place the bridge in the right place. 14th fret connection perhaps?

Thanks Sven...
I just did some measurement and I am still debating whether I should join at 14th fret or between 14th and 15th fret.

If I join the neck and body at 14th fret, I will have to move the bridge a little bit toward the tail. I am thinking, if the position of the saddle is too close to that of the tail block, maybe, it might affect the vibration or resonance of the sound board. This is just my humble thoughts, never heard this from any experience builder.

However, if I join in between 14th and 15th fret, then I don't need to change the position of the bridge.

I am not sure whether any of this makes any sense.

I always admire your work, especially you only build in your apartment. I am in the similar situation. I am mainly building at my apartment on the dinning table.. or just on the kitchen counter..haha..

02-10-2011, 07:13 PM
- I think that is way too thik 1.7-1.9mm is my target.
-15 inch scale meeting at the 14th fret usually works best

good luck!

02-10-2011, 08:46 PM
I would check the bridge position with 15th fret connection, if the neck doesn't look too long. Or if you go with the 14th, minimize the tail block to keep the free area of the soundboard as big as possible.

And thanks UkeforJC, for the kind words. In my appartment I do have a small workshop in a dedicated room - I managed to buy the space under us and expanded the flat downwards with a staircase in the living room, so now I leave the kitchen table alone.

02-11-2011, 05:39 AM
You could adjust the scale length to keep the bridge location....nothing sacred about 15". I think a 15th fret neck joint might look kinda "necky" for a small body. Neck joints between frets just look weird to me.
Moving the bridge a bit isn't a big deal either if you want the 15" scale. 14th to 15th fret distance is only around 3/8" so you'd only have to move the bridge maybe 3/16" to keep the 14th fret joint?....no big deal. Just adjust the bridge patch location accordingly.