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Ken of York
02-13-2011, 12:08 PM
4 strings good, 6 strings bad! Ok a bad paraphrase of Animal Farm (4 legs good, 2 legs bad), I'm sure the good people here won't be castigating me for this, please?

I've been interested in the guitarlele since I (recently) became aware of them and a couple of days ago managed to get the Yamaha GL-1. It has been re-decorated with Pro Arte EJ45 strings which are a definite improvement, but there will absolutely be a better string combination out there. Experimentation required.

So far so good, it plays quite well, actually amazingly well for a 60 'toy' guitar. It keeps in tune very well and at proper tension there is no buzzing.

The limitations? -
Neck is slightly wider than a tenor uke but the strings are closer together so holding down 3 strings like say A Major or B Major shape on normal guitar is quite hard to achieve.

The action is pretty high, where the strings leave the nut they are at quite a hight so barre chords on the first fret are almost impossible.

Maybe it is the strings I chose or the tension but in general play my fingers ends are taking a hammering!

Still it is a great little thing. Perhaps much more so for a guitar player going uke like me than the other way around. It is actually an interim measure as I plan to get a much better instrument eventually.

So here is a look at it in action, with the failings of first fret barres included (plus my mobile going off at wrong moment).

An Allegro by Giuliani plus an additional morsel at the end. Please enjoy!



mm stan
02-13-2011, 02:32 PM
Aloha Ken,
Thanks for sharing and congrats on you new purchase...I was wondering when someone would post a review on one...and how they were....Happy Strummings...MM Stan