View Full Version : Looking for a Concert or Soprano Ukulele with Pickups! :)

02-15-2011, 11:44 AM
Hello everyone! I've been watching the UU videos for a long time now, and finally decidied to join the forum. I'm a fan of Jason Mraz, among many others :P

But anyways, I am looking to buy a concert ukulele with pickups. I am looking to upgrade my uke, as I have learned on a Lanikai LU-21...
So, I want to upgrade in size and quality. Anybody selling any?
My limit is $300 dollars. I do love Pono ukes, but of course, I realize my choices are limited with my price range. Any brands will be considered! :) Thanks for your time!

**Although I am looking for a concert, sopranos will be considered also.

Edit************DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE PICKUPS. Willing to install them myself.