View Full Version : best glue for this problem?

02-19-2011, 02:35 PM
hello UU. my lanikai s-c came in today from amazon , i was like wow! this uke is a beauty for one hundred dollars.... until i notice the bridge or neck or whatever was a lil angled... so as i was inspecting it , i spot the problem.. the neck bridge or whatever is cracked / broken apart from the body... i called amazon they said i could keep this one and they said they're sending me a new one. so i might as well try to fix this uke to give to a family member or friend.

yeah i know, " cool story bro!"

anyways , im here to ask if this is an easy fix? it seems like if i stick enough glue in there and clamp it together itll be good as new , other than the outcome of a costmetic issue.

thank you in advance , UU!

edit : how wbout this for a first post , eh?

02-19-2011, 08:40 PM
I would use some Titebond glue. I fixed the same problem on a vintage uke which looked exactly like that. Loosened the strings until they had no tension, then pushed glue in with my finger, then used a clamp that held over the heel and to the bottom of the body (don't squeeze the clamp too tight or you will crush the body of the uke, just tight enough to make good, wood to wood contact). I let the glue squish out and wiped it away while it was wet. Then leave it for 24 hours if it is warm out, longer if it is cold.......I bet your uke will be almost like new!