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02-22-2011, 06:24 AM
As I mentioned in my intro post, I started on a baritone... a Hilo to be exact...

Not the greatest uke in the world... but this is the original uke that my Great Grandma (who is a huge meanie and never says I love you and believes that after a child is 13 gifts should stop for all occasions) got me after I snuck off with hers and started playing with it. (because she wouldn't let me play it to begin with)
After she saw I really liked it and picked it up quickly she drove to the 'grocery store' with me and parked in the lot and then claimed she meant to go to the other store so we walked down the sidewalk (a lot farther than she thought) until we got to the music store and she got me my own baritone. :) It really is the only happy warm fuzzy memory I have of her!


Before I knew how to restring I took it into a music store by me to have it done and with my excitement about being able to play I didn't eye it like I should have and now the first strings' tuner is missing the little 'doughnut' that sits between the wood and the string. It is just a cheap plastic p.o.s but I would really like to have another...any idea if it is possible to pick one up?

Maybe this was a waste of time, but it never hurts to ask!



02-22-2011, 07:11 AM
I would go back to the store that restrung it for you and see if they found it on the floor, or maybe have a box of old ones from other repairs. I have an old Hilo Bari that has lost a couple of those too but I got it to practice some repairs on so don't really care how it looks. I have just taken some thin stainless washers and replaced those plastic doughnuts on a couple of cheap ukes and they look pretty good, but I'd recommend a drop of superglue on them to keep them from falling off the next string change, also to keep them from vibrating and giving a buzz when your ukes played.

02-22-2011, 07:32 AM
I called first thing the next morning. She gave me a glimmer of hope when she thought she found it...but it turned out to be a cheerio. lol

Thanks for the washer idea, I may just replace them all.