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02-22-2011, 08:45 PM
Hello all!

I'm playing on my first uke, a Kala KA-S, laminate with geared tuners. I'm a strummer and working on barre chords and chord transitions. One of the things I notice that frustrates me is that the head of the uke is much heavier than the body due to the weight of the tuners. When transitioning from chord to chord, the head of the uke keeps plummeting down.

Would this be much different on a solid uke? Or are there brands that you all might recommend that are more evenly balanced?

I feel like my progress is coming along pretty well. I can actually play a number of songs and have a lot of fun figuring out new strumming patterns. My goal is to purchase a solid uke (big step!) this summer and begin working on finger picking (the kind of stuff I see on YouTube uke vids that makes me go... WOW).


02-22-2011, 08:58 PM
Congratulations on playing your first ukulele. The balance thing is more of an issue for sopranos because their bodies are so small. There are people who prefer friction tuners on soprano ukuleles so that the head will be lighter. One thing you could try is an Uke Leash (http://ukeleash.com/). They're made and sold by UU member Lori, and they stabilize the head and neck of the ukulele so your fretting hand can concentrate on making chord shapes instead of holding up the head and neck of the ukulele.