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07-17-2008, 05:29 PM
Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. I'm from Vancouver, Canada and i'm 20 years old. I picked up a Lanikai ukulele about a month ago, prior to this purchase I have had no musical experiance.

A month has now passed and I realize how much I love playing ukulele. Because it is so important to me I want a high quality ukulele to match my desire. That being said the maximum I want to spend is $300.

I like to play modern songs on my ukulele, and I'm not sure if a certain type of ukulele would support that more then another.

That's why I have came to my fellow uke'ists for advice! Thanks for helping, and look forward to contributing to the boards!

07-18-2008, 02:45 AM
id go with something like this
or like this
or this
it all just depends
second link has a mellow tone
the third link has a very bright tone
and the first has a brighter tone than the second but not as much as the third
:rock: hope this helps
PS buy from mgm he is amazing
(you get a case with them)

07-18-2008, 12:16 PM
Hey I went from a Lanikai LU-21C and am now using a Lanikai CK-C which is made with curly koa (not solid). I bought it in the UK for £150 which is roughly $300. I bought it as an intermediate ukulele to use until I'm good enough to warrant having something much better like a Kamaka (and have the money).

Compared to the LU-21 it's very impressive, the sound is much clearer and the notes sustain for much longer, it's a richer sound altogether. I play a mixture of things like the Beatles and the songs in the lessons provided by Aldrine and they all sound good as far as my ability can take it.

In respect of build quality the Lanikai CK-C feels much more solid than the 21C and is heavier, the finish is better and the tuners are metal and feel solid. It also has a nice inlay around the sound hole. Another cool feature is the inlay for the fret markers which instead of being circular are a funky split-oval shape which makes it look like a much more expensive model!

Overall I'm really pleased with the Lanikai, it's a decent intermediate ukulele for the price and I hope to keep it until I can afford a really nice one.

hope this helps,