View Full Version : New! Uke Leash for Banjo Ukes and more!!

02-26-2011, 02:43 PM
I have posted a video showing how you can take a Uke Leash, and adapt it for a banjo uke using a shoe lace or piece of cord. In addition, I have developed several new straps especially for the banjo ukuleles. These are full straps, with either tie or strap connections to your ukulele. For those who will leave the strap on their instrument most of the time, there is a one buckle strap. For those who want to easily remove the strap completely there is the two buckle design. I will post new videos soon showing the new connectors in use.

Also, I have added a new color to the Polypro Uke Leash... bright yellow! The orange has been doing pretty well, so I figured – why not?

I had to reconfigure my web store so I could offer more items. So, now the different colored Polypro straps are not listed as separate items, but as one item with a menu for color choice. So, for those of you who have been to my site before, it looks a little different, and any old polypro items that might have been saved to your cart will have to be selected again using the new listing.

Thanks to you all for your input and support.