View Full Version : Did my uke change, or the strings?

03-08-2011, 11:28 PM
When I first got my inexpensive Baritone uke (Legacy brand), and I put Aquila baritone strings on them, the tension was outrageously high that it scared me. In fact, it made the screws come off the tuners (well they were flimsy to begin with).

I rescrewed the tuners with new screws, and they held in place.
But the tension was a bit.. scary. A lot tighter than what I would expect and a lot tighter in comparison to my other Baritone with Aquilas as well (Oscar Schmidt).

For a long time now, I just assumed that it must've been the scale length on this particular baritone uke that caused baritone strings to feel extra tight.
However, just last night I changed the strings to a new set of Aquila baritone strings on the uke. And what do I find? The tension is normal! The strings do not feel tight at all.

Has Aquila changed the tensions of their string sets since 1 or 2 years ago?
Was I simply just given a dodgey set of baritone strings the first time round?
Or has my uke's neck warped and changed? I'm a bit puzzled