View Full Version : changing ukulele strings & using two different types of strings.

03-19-2011, 05:40 PM
Hi! so. im buying an ukulele and i want mine to have a brass G string and then have the rest be nylon strings. up until now, i've been playing my room mate's mele ukulele and it "was built to properly hold a steel bass string while having nylon strings on the rest of it." Do you think i need to buy a ukulele that has been built to hold steel and nylon strings at the same time, properly keeping it's intonation and so on? Would that be better in the long run? Or should i just buy an ukulele and change the nylon G to a steel string and say the hell with it?
lemme know

03-19-2011, 06:14 PM
"F@#k it" is probably going to get you flamed here (not really appropriate for a board frequented by all ages), but what you are looking for is a "low G" string set. If your eventual uke is a soprano, I would say don't bother (sounds terrible to me). If it is a concert, tenor or baritone, you need just buy a set of Low G strings. Many of them are not wound, but you can find wound versions from Aquila. Worth non-wound low G sets are crazy nice on an Ukulele for sure though.