View Full Version : YouTube tip - rejecting comments

03-23-2011, 06:11 PM

I posted this in another thread, but thought it might be useful to others. In short, you can control how comments will be added to your own video clip. When I post my video clips on YouTube, I select "Allow friends' comments automatically, all others with approval only". You can do this by

go to My Videos

click on "EDIT" on a video clip

On the new window, look left side and scroll down for "Broadcasting and Sharing Option", and pick the one you want. You can
* Allow comments automatically
* Allow friends' comments automatically, all others with approval only
* Allow all comments with approval only
* Don't allow comments

I choose #2, and when someone makes a comment, it will be sent to my e-mail account and then I can approve or reject. It's cumbersome but I do not want any profanities and expletives - I don't mind negative comments personally but any comments using "bad words" will be rejected. So far I only got one comment on my video and I simply approved it.

You also notice you have a fair degree of control on many things like voting and it's fun to look into these options.

I read elsewhere that you can delete a comment. I don't know how. Maybe someone can add the instrution here?