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03-27-2011, 11:31 AM
Sawasdee and Mahalo,

A loosely organized group is gelling and will stay loose until it merits an official location and time.

Currently, a "group" that speaks english tries to meet every weekend at Ribbee by the Siam BTS station. The last meetup, we moved the group to play for children in a hospital which was fun. We also raised a little money for Japan.

The foundation of the group, Tii and Ukulele Will, are a Thai/Westerner (falang) duo who won the 2011 Ukulele Festival Contest in Bangkok this March.

We encourage all persons, whether they can speak english or not, to participate. Music instruction will be translated to Thai and the group already plays some contemporary Thai songs.

One member of the group also likes to play uke in one of the parks (Queen's Park by The Emporium) each day after work. This guy has been playing uke most of his life - He is a young guru.

Leave me a PM if you need details by phone or PM

Sanook Sanook.