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03-28-2011, 06:34 PM
I will be updating this with further thoughts after I actually put some use in with this thing tomorrow extensively. These are my first impressions and... well, just read it :p

The Price

19.99 for the standard, with the stick on option because my uke doesn't have a strap button. Free shipping.

The Buying Process

Super smooth. No issues, ordered and done. Shot an email to the owner immediately after order and received a reply a couple hours later. Great customer service that is!


As previously mentioned, free. Thats a plus. I ordered on Thursday, shipped Friday, received Monday. Not bad for free shipping.

The Main stuff

Don't lie, I know you skipped down here first ;) alright, heres the lowdown. the instructions for installation are actually sent via email, presumably so the seller didn't have to print them out every time someone ordered one as he appears to be an up-and-coming kinda outfit. No biggy, clear instructions, worked fine. So I spent about 30 minutes playing around with placement to find the best sound, and, as suggested in the instructions, right behind the bridge gave the truest sound through the amp. Ah, but here we arrive at a difficulty...

The Problem

This product was clearly made for guitar. The cord is long. Very long. Also, as I'm sure you have realized (I didn't) the actual... logistics of placing an external amp on the uke... well... Think about how you normally play. If you play without a strap, where do you rest your right arm (assuming you are right handed)? Sorta cradling the uke with your forearm? Well, maybe its just me, but I find my forearm and shirt and other parts of my arm drifting around the, you guessed it, middle part of the bottom of the uke... RIGHT where the pickup needs to go! Now, this is a very sensitive pickup. it gets very very clear tone, even through my junk amp. But brushing/tapping/even breathing on the top of the thing makes for interference. I solved this problem by holding the uke higher when I play plugged in. I can get used to it. Not tooooo big of a deal, and I doubt its just a problem with this pickup.

Second problem, as previously stated, this cord is very long. Well, sorta like the pickup, any brushing or tapping on the cord causes not just some interference, but a crackling sound :confused: could be something to do with the wiring, I'm not sure, I'm not electrician and I'm also no expert on how pickups work. But I assume that screwing with the signal between the pickup and the output could make for that noise. Anyways, not only would it do it when it was touched, but when I strummed chords with any decent amount of force! It drove me nuts!! My solution was to wrap up the cord in an S shape, intertwining it in the clips of the sticky jack fastener, to attempt to alleviate it. After a few minutes of intense playing (and being told to shut up by my family seeing how its 12:30pm here...) I THINK I fixed it.

The Moral of the Story

I got an external pickup because I A. wanted some versatility and B. needed amplification for a talent audition I'm doing with my friend this weekend. I didn't want to install an internal pickup myself because I don't trust myself enough, and I don't want to pay anyone to do it. This was my alternative. Its a hassle, but if I did get it all fixed, it was definitely worth it. I'll put some pics up tomorrow of my jerry-rigged wire wrap-around system. Thanks for reading! :)


03-29-2011, 12:38 AM
If you have a soldering iron, why don't you just shorten the cord in quesion?

03-29-2011, 03:03 AM
If you have a soldering iron, why don't you just shorten the cord in quesion?

I actually dont have one, but that would be an easier fix!


I played around with it more this morning, and it worked pretty well. The cord is still in an S shape, with the bottom of the S being pulled tight against the jack holding attachment, and the top of the S held to the side of the uke with a small piece of tape. yeah, not perfect. But it works! And I'm loving how it sounds!! Its a really good pickup for the price, you guys should definitely check it out.