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shane v
03-30-2011, 12:31 PM
FS: Kala Ka-KCG-CT
Up for sale is my Kala Limited edition Koa w/solid Cedartop Concert Ukulele. I bought this uke less than a year ago from musicguymic. It was my first ukulele and I've since realized I prefer the tenor size. It is in perfect condition and comes strung with Aquila strings (high g) and one extra package of Aquila nylgut (high g) strings. I am selling this virtually brand new uke for $200.00 (includes the case). This is quite a bit cheaper than it's going for on Ebay. I actually listed this uke a month or so ago and sold it to "Strumsilly"...He noticed it had some fret buzz, so I took it back and sent it in to Kala. They are an extremely pleasant company to deal with by the way...they replaced the saddle and set it up to factory specs. It's perfect now.. Feel free to message me with any questions. OH!..shipping will be actual shipping costs...around $10.00.. Thanks, Shane

p.s. my ebay i.d. is haben28 in case you would like to check my feedback.....or ask strumsilly..

04-01-2011, 11:38 PM
PM sent. Hoping that this will be my first ukulele!