View Full Version : Sopranos from Heaven! It's Raining Ukes Thanks to UU and YouTube!

04-04-2011, 11:16 AM
Thanks to UU, I've been offered 2 donation ukuleles for my kids' music project!

2 weeks ago the 8 kids in my current music outreach project asked me to teach them uke as well as taiko drumming and songwriting (I'd been accompanying us on No One by Alicia Keys).

So I ordered "JadeALicious" on eBay (Ukadelic Green Paisley) and entered Natalie's K-Wave Disney Park Song Contest to see if I could win another uke, that way 4 could drum and 4 could uke at any given time (I already had GoodDaySunShine and Truck).

My cousin in CA watched my Small World Video on YouTube and said "I have an ukulele in my closet that someone gave me when they moved away; I'll send it to you for the kids' project."

And a client of mine in Florida liked my video and said "I'll send you a check to cover another ukulele for your kids' project."

I'm the luckiest just-barely-one-week-ahead-of-her-students ukulele teacher ever!

Now am going to write Uke Republic about their pricing on the James Hill Initiative Teacher's Editions!

*happy, skipping, so grateful to be part of UU*