View Full Version : Eleuke pineapple tenor!

04-05-2011, 01:54 AM
I am in love! I ordered my Eleuke pineapple from Mim on March 19. It shipped on the 21st, and just arrived (all the way to Australia) today!

The uke is perfect! The scale length is not much different. The chord shapes feel just the same as on my soprano and concert. Intonation is spot on, build quality is great.

It is gorgeous too. Rosewood fretboard and bridge. Mother of pearl fret markers. Ebony nut and saddle. Fir body, neck, and headstock. The pineapple pattern is painted on both front and back.

It is heavy because it is a solid body. My guitar strap will work on it. There is an input for a mp3 player if you want to strum along, output for headphones, and an output for an amp. Volume and gain knobs on the body. Piezo under the bridge. 9 volt battery in back. Powers off when you unplug the inputs and outputs.

Sounds good. With headphones I can hear lots of fretting noise but that is ok. The tonal range from messing with the gain is fun.

I got this uke to practice quietly with headphones at home. It is perfect for that. I can play the same thing over and over and only bother myself! I think everyone should get an electric ukulele! I could see it being fun with effects pedals too.

Oh yeah, sounds fine with my Fender 25watt guitar amp. :)

mm stan
04-05-2011, 03:55 AM
Aloha and G'day Misty,
Congratulations on your new Ele uke, glad to hear you're enjoying it so much..I have one coming in a few days...thanks for the review..and have fun and enjoy...I love electrics too...fun with the portable
honeytone battery/ A/C amp too...Thanks for sharing,,,and Keep strumming them strings and Happy Strummings....MM Stan

04-05-2011, 04:11 AM
Hey congrats on your new uke!! That's awesome for you!!! I love my eleuke too. I got it to play quietly but more I love playing with my amp (vox mini3) when no one is home! yeah!!
Happy strummings....