View Full Version : Need help for a contest

04-12-2011, 03:25 PM
There is a ukulele contest thats for locals here in NZ, and its pretty poorly thought out in respects for winning. Its not based on quality or anything else, just views on youtube.

As such, there have been some pretty underhand tactics by some groups to get views (serious spamming via email, facebook, etc ).

Because of the underhand tactics and poor way it was run a few of us decided rather than entering, we would rather just vote up some of the other entries who genuinely need the money .

One such one is a school of 8 children out in the country. The ukulele playing could use a bit of work, but the kids are gorgeous

If you guys can help pass out this video, it only needs 'viewing' (unsure if thats on youtube or via embedding) nothing more we would really appreciate it


Cheers! sorry very much for the spam, i have no affiliation with the school (no idea where it even is!) or anything else, just thought the winner should be somebody deserving rather than spamming :)