View Full Version : Recording with a Mahalo 2020 Electro-Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

04-12-2011, 10:59 PM
I know my Ukulele is bad and I know I am really not very good at playing it but I am an enthusiast so shhh...

My question is simply this. I have written a few songs for my Ukulele and I would like to record them. I have a very very tiny budget hence the low quality Ukulele, and so far my equipment rests like this:

Mahalo 2020 Electro-Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

Toshiba Satellite laptop (not sure which one but it has I am sure a very rubbish soundcard if one at all)

a 2 channel DJ Mixer for some old vinyl decks which is not very good quality and I got completely free

An ION URECORD Vinyl and Cassette recorder which I think has a fairly low quality Pre-amp in

One old bass amplifier

the wires that connect all of the bits together.

Now to the main part of the question. How do I plug my Ukulele into my computer and record through audacity and achieve a not completely rubbish sound?
I may be being dense and I am sorry if I am but Literally my budget is less than 50 pounds which is like $80 USD

Can I do anything with the equipment on the list or do I have to buy something else as I have already spent most of my small budget I would really rather avoid buying something else.
I am sorry for the convoluted question style but this is my first ever post.
Thanks a lot guys x