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04-15-2011, 06:49 AM
Ok how about this an amazing price a full 3 day festival for 50!! That is a bargain any where!

We have day tickets for those who don't like camping!

All workshops are included in your ticket price:
Ukulele Mike Live (Very rare for the UK possibly the most popular ukulele teacher on the net... giving a live workshop)
Ebony Steel Band ( Steelband Workshops all weekend)
Singing Workshop (All weekend)
Blues Song writing workshop (Sunday)
Over 100 African drums with Inta Africa workshops
Bushcrafts so we can appreciate the 600 acre forest.
and more

We got some amazing Uke bands:
Lucky Victims (simple brilliant delivery and choice of songs)
KoaSound (The new kids on the block.. with their chart toppers poptastic set)
Jontom (Italian Ukleke poet)
Sol Ruiz (USA Cuban and Free spirt Vibes)
and more

For the folk lovers we got some amazing bands
Tankus The Henge
The Penny Black Remmedy
Mad Staring eyes
and more

errr there is so much more as well.

We hope that you get the idea that we have spent month of hard planning, getting permissions of all the relevant authorities and booking some amazing talent, even if you haven't heard of some of them (and that is good as we feel a festival should also be about discovering new stuff and having a great experience as well as seeing headliners...), to bring you yet another wonderful festival.

All we want is for you to enjoy yourself like you did last time at London Uke Festival. For those of you who missed that well let's not make it 2 in a row so get on it and buy today.

So now we have told you a little about the festival please can you forward this on to your mates, fans, facebooks and generally everywhere.

Thanks for all your help.


Extalgic the Jam festival is on and right now we got Extalgic Pre Easter Special Ticket for you and your mates.


Extalgic is a full 3 day Jam festival ;) Headliners, talks, workshops, open mics and decks all in 600 acres of one of London loveliest woodlands for 50!

8-10 July

We think its a great Easter treat for yourself and your mates and one more thing to look forward to this summer.

The Pre Easter Special is only available till midnight 20th April.

More Extalgic details are here: http://extalgic.com/

Pre Easter special from: here: (http://www.etickets.to/buy/?e=6477)

Have a lovely Easter and thanks for enjoying the festival.