View Full Version : K&K twin compatability

04-22-2011, 02:22 AM
OK quick questions, Will my baggs gig pro work well with the K&K twin system ? I have a Oscar Schmidt 240 and Have had the action set up at the factory and It plays amazingly so I kinda hate to add an under saddle and risk messing with the action. It devoloped a small buzz on 1st fret / first string as the bridge devoleped a small crack so they set it all up for me and installed a new bridge. Great service and I love the mellow sound with low g and freemont blacks on it. I'm asking because I feel I can install the k&k twin fairly well without to much trouble . I long ago put a strap holer on it and it was very easy. I have a few guitars and the gig pro is kinda just sitting around now . I have a small bass amp and an old princeton chourus that I think should do a nice job on the uke. install a K&K twin? which version 59 or 89 dollar (Can't figure out what 30 dollars buys) ? I'm sure I will not put a misi on this uke but If I were to buy an electrified it would probably be misi. UKE's have brought back the smile for me , Getting older and fingers just weren't doing the metal strings any longer but the light action of the gut strings and the little neck has made sitting in my room playing fun again.