View Full Version : Our extreme love for all ukes can turn us into dreamers too much?

04-25-2011, 08:29 AM
Our extreme love for all ukes can turn us into dreamers too much?
Our extreme love for ukes help beginner/ guitar player to consider the uke as a toy?

we have some questions here: We all have our UAS, and hate when they call our lovely ukulele consider a TOY.

It is paradoxical, since the ukulele is an instrument that can vary greatly from one model to another, and some are very cheap toys, musically speaking, comparing with others beginning instruments (like acoustic guitars). This was the case of my first cheap Vintage uke (U$24,99): no intonation, almost dumb, bad strings.
I could have given up the ukulele had it not about the big differences that may have an instrument to another.

Here in Brazil, I have helped hundreds of people across the Orkut community called Ukulele Brasil (1120 menber only), winning love by the ukulele, but with a little reality.
Brazil still has a few ukes, ukes and many are very cheap, as my first. Most people who buy these ukes also consider it as a toy limited, and put down.
Of course it is not necessary to buy a "K" or Martin as the first ukulele, but a modicum of dignity as a laminated Kala, Ohana, Makai, Makala, Dolphin or many others under $100 it is necessary to increase the desire to play, make solos, make all the chords.

I just want to be realistic and show that beyond the little horizon of toys, there are many ukes which are good and allow you to play many songs nicely.

The excitement with the first UAS purchase can not finish opening the box or the first chord!

What you think about?

04-25-2011, 08:48 AM
I believe in buying the best instrument you can afford to learn on. If you get a really cheap instrument, it will make learning harder by having to overcome all of the problems with the instrument. I think a lot of the rewards when you are first learning is being able to play something that sounds nice. If you instrument is not capable of producing at least a reasonable sound, then you are less likely to continue on. There are a lot of ukuleles out there for a modest price that would be great to learn on. Like you mentioned Kala, Ohana, etc. make a nice laminate that sound good for the price and will perform nicely until you just have to have a really expensive one. The $29.99 tourist models are good to start fires with or let the little ones abuse, but not much more IMHO.

mm stan
04-25-2011, 10:09 AM
Aloha Fabioponta,
I believe when you get over from the belief that the ukulele is a toy and take it seriously and play....then you are bound to get hooked no matter what level uke you have...then the UAS and upgrading comes soon after....happy strummings...MM Stan..