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04-25-2011, 10:58 AM
Vintage Guitar Closet is a guitar repair and sales shop in downtown Stuart that also sells ukes. I'm on their email list, and just got word they are hosting their 2d annual ukulele fest on Friday, June 24. Here is all the information I have at this time:

Friday, June 24 is our ever so popular Uku Fest!! We party like the Pacific Rim with miniature shrunken guitars. Uke Fest 2010 we had over 75 people show up to party.

I do not know the time or the schedule. Anyone who is interested should check out their website or contact them. www.vintageguitarcloset.net 772 237-6580.

I did not attend last year's, so I cannot provide any additional information. But my impression is that last year's was for several hours in the evening, it was very casual, and lots of local folks performed. Not sure if you have to sign up in advance to perform, or if it's just open mike.

On their blog, they have a couple of posts about their 2010 Uke Fest

Here's one with a bunch of photos

Here's one with a video:

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