View Full Version : A little tired of all the hate lately

Aldrine Guerrero
04-26-2011, 07:40 AM
First off. I am closing any thread about the program. Simple as that.
Why? It generates hate and is counter productive.
Plus, you're here to talk about ukes. Right?

We want to grow the next generation of uke players. YOU GUYS ARE SETTING EXAMPLES FOR THEM. So if a new player comes in here and sees all this hate, we would be doing a disservice. We would rather have NO FORUM, than to corrupt the next generation. Simple as that.

For those of you suggesting the "big wigs" of ukulele, have obviously not been here that long. We used to have ads here on the site. That WOULD'VE solve all the problems but it created a totally new problem. While some ad space buyers were loyal and cooperative; some were not as great. That's a totally different monster so I won't get into details.

Bottom line is this.
You can get VIP and all the benefits.
Or you can just stick to the basics.
You don't lose ANYTHING.
You still get a whole website dedicated to ukulele.
You STILL get a forum board that talks about it.
You can STILL watch the uke minutes and lessons.
If you wanna help out but not get the benefits, the tip jar is still there.


We DO however, appreciate you guys being here. We try to say/show thanks whenever possible. The VIP program was a way to show thanks to those willing to pay to keep this place alive

We're kids in our 20's. Cut us some slack. I constantly squeeze my brain to come out with more content. The fact that we have over a hundred uke minutes is beyond me. I challenge anyone to do what we do for as long as we've done it... WITHOUT GETTING PAID. Do you realize how much time and effort goes into everything we do? There are those thanking us and those who are complaining about the program. There's nothing to complain about since we're not taking anything away from you. What's there to not understand or grumble about? Do people even realize that the forum is for them? The forum is for the people to discuss the latest front page video, techniques they learned, ukes they want more details about, etc.

So I'm gonna moderate all this hate and nip everything at the bud. This is still our house and everyone is running around and breaking our furniture.