View Full Version : Need To Speak To People, Attempting To Organise An Event.(Edinburgh/Donegal/Islands)

04-27-2011, 05:40 AM
Hello, I just remembered why I came on here however firstly i'd like to mention that I'm a wee bit stressed the day as I'm having to give cigarettes up again. I gave up in January and went through the torture for a month, however I've had a big long weekend of gigging and partying and started having a few cigs after having done a show on friday night along with a good drink and this is my first day not smoking again and it's like being back at square one, so my heads up my arse as we'd say round here.

OK, why I'm here, I'm after communicating with any other folks from either Edinburgh or folks from the North West of Ireland (include folks from the Derry area into that, however principally Folks from Donegal) I also wouldn't mind speaking to any folks from the Islands ( Slainte mhor agad ) concerning the possibility of Organising some sort of Ukulele based traditional fused event In either my home town (I already know that would be a possibility but will have to figure what way to run with it) or anywhere in Donegal (spend a lot of time there, have family ties) or on any of the Island (I do realise that would be tricky to pull off).

Nevertheless Any feedback from any of the locals who have ideas as to the validity of pulling off such an idea, if so how, where and so on will be much appreciated .

Thank You,


PS, For those of you not in my part of the world, when I say the Islands I mean our Islands, The Scottish ones not the caribbean or Hawaiian. Just thought I'd clear that up. Also if anyone has attempted something similar, in the same vein, in any part of the world drop me a few tips as to the what to and what not to do.