View Full Version : Worth CH vs T2 vs Alliance

05-05-2011, 09:32 PM
I been using Worth CH on my Tenors. But was looking around the forums and seen T2 and Alliance sets. Uluapounder used Normal tension Alliance set while Kekani uses the High Tension sets. How does the Normal tension guitar sets compare to the high tension Worth strings CH? Just want to make sure that my neck and top don't explode when tuning up. It will be used on my Stew Mac Tenor build and a Koaloha Tenor.

05-05-2011, 10:30 PM
You gotta try them. The Hard Tension Alliance is not as tight as the T46's, IMO - I haven't measured, but the T46's are harder to fret than the 540J's, but they also take less energy to develop sound, and I find I can drop the action lowest the the T46's, but some instruments simply sound better with the 540's.

Personally, Worths just feel floppy all over, especially the unwound Low G, and on my instruments, they don't drive the soundboard very well. However, on KoAloha's, Worths seem to work well.

The issue you'll have with going from Worth to D'Addario (or Savarez) is you should have the instrument set up again. The gauges are MUCH larger, and you may find them binding in the nut slots. Because of KoAloha's light top, the T45's or the 540R's should do well; I'd probably chance the 540J's as well, and leave the T46 for your StewMac (which I've never seen, but I imagine is fairly well braced?).

Again, you just gotta try them.