View Full Version : Maintaining the strum pattern

05-06-2011, 03:45 AM
Hi there,
Ive been playing for over a year now and have learnt a few songs along the way.
Im currently learning rise by eddie vedder.
The problem im having with this and any other song is just maintaing my stumming.
Ill be cruising along and suddenly it all goes out the window and i cant maintain the pattern.
Im left handed but playing right, but i dont see this as the issue.
Am I alone or are there others with this issue??


05-06-2011, 03:49 AM
Take it slowly. Are you losing your strumming pattern when you are changing chords? If so, practice the chords changes slowly with a steady rhythm and gradually increase your speed as you feel more comfortable with the chord changes. Good luck and have fun.

05-06-2011, 04:06 AM
I know what you mean. When learning a new strum pattern/song, I sometimes inadvertantly revert back to a previously learned pattern.

05-06-2011, 04:13 AM
Some folks need to use a metronome for a while to train their brain. Couldn't hurt! Some tuners have built-in metronomes.

05-06-2011, 04:17 AM
You're not alone in this. Where it all comes unstuck with me is when I try to sing along. The strumming just goes to pieces. Sometimes without the singing it just falls apart as well. I have a terrible memory for lyrics and also for chord progressions, and the effort of trying to remember makes technique disappear like magic. I've been learning for eight months now and it is slowly improving. Yes I do think it's practice practice practice for what it's worth.

05-06-2011, 07:13 AM
I still tend to sometimes lose the rhythm through a triplet or other embellishment. So, every once in a while I have to break out the metronome and practice along with it. That really does help, especially when you're adding new techniques.