View Full Version : New ukulele album out!

05-08-2011, 05:44 AM
Hey ukers, I finally made it! My brand new album "Completely Unbroken" is out.

There are 13 originals songs written by me, and some collaborations I'm really proud of:

"Sky turns red", with the lyrics and the voice of Krabbers

"Love of one" with the great voice and mouth trumpet of Victoria Vox, and lyrics written by Robyn Javier (the girl palying the trombone in my "all you need is Love" video in San Francisco).

"So far down", lyrics written by RussBuss

Daniela Gaidano (from Aquila Strings!) plays the viola and the violin in "The world is getting Pink" and in "Two Halve"

The lovely voice of my friend Irene in the final of "the world is getting pink"

and much more!

You can check out the album at www.ukulollo.com
there are previews on mp3 and I'll soon post every song with lyrics on youtube,

for now, this is the first single, emily.
If you're pleased, take a look at it,
every comment, good or bad, is precious for me!
thanks in advance,