View Full Version : Uke Squat on Governor's Island, NYC, Memorial weekend

05-12-2011, 06:35 PM
Governor's Island is officially open May 29th, and is kicking off with a massive food and beer fest. And best of all, anyone who comes carrying a ukulele gets in free. That's right, free, so tell your friends. We'll have a portion of lawn designated for us, and from noon till 4 pm we'll have solo performances and group strum-alongs. So bring a uke and bring some sheet music to share. Even if you're not into beer, there will be plenty of good stuff there. Check it out:


Note: this is outdoors and there is no seating, staging or electricity. This won't affect most of you, but it does mean I won't be bringing my pedal board.

05-26-2011, 04:40 PM
This Sunday. Hope to see some of you there. The weather is supposed to be nice.

05-26-2011, 04:44 PM
Oh, how I wish I had a transporter beam!