View Full Version : Kala Archtop Jazz Tenor Natural with Shadow pu & case

Little Island Nick
05-19-2011, 06:25 AM
SOLD SOLD SOLD23856The looks of this uke are awesome not the same o same o. Being a laminate it has a softer sound but crisp and is set up well.
The Shadow pick up is stock w/ vc &tc.
There is some minor finish blemish on the end of the headstock with picture to attempt to show extent of this.
They sell online for $277. plus $40. for the case, or $317 so $175 or about 55% of the new selling price quite fair.

Offering this ukulele and case including shipping (COUS) for $175. Paypal accepted


Little Island Nick
05-19-2011, 10:45 PM
Price reduced to $150.

05-20-2011, 12:14 AM
PM sent.