View Full Version : Tall Grass Ukulele Full Review

05-21-2011, 10:54 AM
This is a review of both of the Tall Grass Concert Ukuleles
TG-C and the TG-CS

05-21-2011, 01:07 PM
Interesting review - I've been watching these & played the Paulele when Uke Republic had one. They do sound pretty good. Its interesting though that the manufacturers of these call it "solid bamboo" since any way you look at it, a flat bamboo surface wide enough to make into ukes or guitars are really many layers of otherwise round bamboo stuck together. W/the frequent "laminate/solid" debates here on UU, its sort of funny that bamboo slides under that radar. Maybe there's not enough of them "out there" yet to cause the question to come up. Here's what Yamaha said about their new bamboo guitar some time ago:

The Yamaha process for this guitar uses three- to five-year-old Bamboo plants about 6 inches in diameter. The wood is sawn into strips, bonded longitudinally, and laminated in three layers, with the inner layer at 90 degrees to the outer ones for rigidity. This laminate is then crafted using traditional guitar making techniques. The only non-Bamboo parts of the finished guitar are the Rosewood fingerboard and the Mahogany bridge.

Which might be very similar to the construction used for TallGrass ukes as well as the others. So, yes, it is a laminate, & yes, they sound pretty dang sweet!