View Full Version : Fretboard finish?

06-01-2011, 10:18 AM
Hi again :)

I posted a thread a few weeks ago about my slightly battered uke that I bought. Thanks for all your suggestions and ideas, by the way :) very helpful!

I used the wire wool on the frets, but it took the finish off the fret board, so I just carried on, and completely took it back to the wood, and have treated it with lemon oil.

Now I need advice on what to use to refinish it please :)


06-01-2011, 10:26 AM
Many instruments will only have lemon oil as the finish. Especially guitars. For ukes I use a Carnuba furniture wax on the fret board surface only.

Vic D
06-01-2011, 10:51 AM
I read once that some makers use persimmon and dye it black to be sold as ebony, which it kinda is, I think it's part of the ebony family. Anyway, if it's ugly looking wood you could probably find some dye and stain it black, stewart macdonald has some just for this kinda thing though I've never used it. I guess you might want to clean the board with mineral spirits or something before taping the fretboard off and dying it, then treat it again with lemon oil or whatever after the dye sets.