View Full Version : WTB. "K" brand concert or tenor - checking what is out there

06-02-2011, 06:41 PM
So I have some money that I don't want to hold on to and seeing who is thinking about letting go a concert, super concert or tenor "K" brand or something like that. Kind of a pathetic amount but somewhere in the $450-550 right now. Maybe have some partial trade ukes too. I am just bored. Would love a Kamaka to go with my soprano. Maybe a Kanilea which are amazing but not sure if all are amazing or just the ones I have played. A koAloha wouldn't suck either. Maybe a small maker. I should have bought the MP Cedartop a few weeks ago off of FMM but I wasn't committal. If you have something that may work, let me know. I have too many soprano's so not interested. I like the Loprinzi's too.

I know, not much to ask for a little $$$ huh? Ha ha. Just checking if someone is wanting to let something go. Doesn't hurt to ask if I am interested. I have a bunch of Pono's and I love them but really have all the sizes and woods covered so not interested. I have played Koolau and not impressed so may skip out on those. Anyway, send what you have. May be able to come up with more money but I am trying to limit is somewhat. Thanks guys.

06-02-2011, 07:28 PM
Hey mouthy. I have a KoAloha tenor I may be selling this fall, so look for it in the market if you don't get something sooner. I did see some cedar top ukes available on mp ukes site. Tenor and a concert. You should check with mike to see if they're still available.

06-02-2011, 07:49 PM
Good call on mp's site. I will check it out. Let me know what u are looking for in the koaloha. I buy and sell a lot so fall is basically eternity to me! Ugg...thanks.