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Doug W
06-11-2011, 04:38 AM
A couple of days ago we had an outside gig in a coffee house courtyard with our uke group. We brought all the mics we had in the house plus a few from another member. I had this cheap little condenser mic I had bought a couple of years ago and never really tested it.

It is made by KarmaMics and I think it is called the K-Micro Silver Bullet. I never expected much out of it, I think I bought a pair of them when there was a promotional being run and paid $10 a piece for them.

I was surprised at how well the thing worked out on my uke playing outside. Our friend and fellow uke group member did a good job mixing and actually got all the mics sounding quite good which included some Shure SM-57s and 58s and Kel HM-1 condenser and others.

I was just surprised that this cheap little mic didn't sound bad.


This is a condenser mic and requires a mixer or some device with phantom power so if you don't have a device to deliver phantom power, don't bother with these, but at the price, (right now a pair of them with mic clips is $29 USD), I would recommend having a couple around for group gigs.

I haven't tried them for recording yet and I wouldn't recommend these mics as your first and only recording mic. Put more money into your first mic for home recording, but as additional mics for gigs at $29 for the pair-go get a couple.
karmamics (http://www.karmamics.com/shop/Condenser-Mics/)

By the way, I have no affiliation with karmamics.