View Full Version : Wish Me Luck.. Pick-Up and Refinish on DŁk Bruce Wei Tenor

06-13-2011, 03:45 AM
Wish me God Speed ya'll.. I'm gonna jump.

I have been asked numerous times if I install, and/or offer electric/acoustic options on my DŁk/Wei ukes. Ok, I hear ya. I'm gonna jump. The parts are on their way for me to tear into my new love. This is one of the Bruce Wei ukes I re-work & set up in my shop. I never offered it in my inventory because I fell in love with it. So, it's mine ;). But, I am going to use it as a benchmark to install a pretty nice Piezo pick-up I found with good reviews. The strap button will be replaced with a button/jack as well. I choose this one to do it on, because due to the sound holes, it will be the most challenging. If it is a success, I can feel confident offering it to you guys as an option.

At the same time, I decided this uke would be gorgeous with a gloss Nitro Lacquer finish. It is very pretty mahogany. Anyone that knows me, also knows I have always been partial to mahogany anyway.. So, a pick-up install, and gloss Nitro refin in happening. I will post updates in this thread on this project for your amusement.

Here is my starting platform.


Now.. take a deep breath.. hehheh