View Full Version : UAS in remission, SAS in full effect - looking for stock string info

06-15-2011, 07:14 AM
I seem to have been able to curb my UAS (for now), but have been really rocking the SAS (String Acquisition Syndrome) lately. Focused on learning the nuances of one particular instrument as many have suggested to keep the UAS at bay, and for me it's been an awesome discovery process. However, I do have other "children" and weirdly feel they're being neglected somehow (I know, we're a odd bunch) and been ripping through a lot of different sets looking for their elusive super tone. I did see in another thread, there was a spreadsheet of reviews/opinions on strings and on which ukuleles. That was helpful in determining starting points for try outs, but wondered if there is a repository of info on what stock strings the various manufacturers use.

My quandary is that in some cases I want to get back to what was originally on the ukulele cause I've been chasing that original sound with a couple of mine. Also harder when you buy a used instrument and the seller doesn't know if the strings were ever changed or not. Some builders display and communicate it more obviously and that's great. I've been able to track down some one at a time through forum searches, but thought it might be helpful to collect info in one spot. Does this exist?

06-15-2011, 08:29 AM
I played a KoAloha pineapple at a shop and loved the strings (and the ukulele!!) I emailed KoAloha the same question you're asking; Brian from KoAloha let me know that their line of fluorocarbon strings aren't for sale yet. They recommend Worth as "a very close replacement".

I'd assume most other ukulele makers would be happy to answer that question as well.