View Full Version : low g Worth Browns vs Fremont blackline my Final choice

06-25-2011, 08:31 PM
Well I took the worth browns back off my OU6 after four weeks and reinstalled the Fremont black lines. The A string had a kind of ring like the Aquillas did and it never went away as I hoped. However I left the worth low G on for now it has a bit more tension than the Freemont so it doesn't boom quite as much. I may have ended in the best of all worlds for this uke. As much as I disliked this uke when I recieved it, its now plays as well or better than my 240 and is totally mellowed out WOW. A good set up and the right strings make a world of difference. I know the sounds are totally personal but this is the sound I was after when I bought this uke and It is so easy to play and the Fremonts are just great, and smooth on the fingers. The low g on the fremonts is fine but not as much tension as the brown so I thought i would try them together for a while nice combo for me. So final decision Fremont black lines for the first three strings for sure , I will leave the Worth low g on for now I kind of like the higher tension on this string.
One last observation, I noticed in the past a lot of the board don't care for the kala tuner and I have to wonder how many are running worths. The thing I noticed is a variation in freq on the VU meter when tuning the worths. Only the worths show this on all of my 3 meters. The Aquillas are rock solid and require very little adjustment . the fremonts are already settling in but they were on this uke before and I felt they would settle faster this time. As I tune them they go straight to the note and hold while the worths seemed to sometimes overshoot then i had to back down and tune again. Its almost like for lack of a better word a warble. So I know it isn't me or the uke ,the worths react differently. Then i get them set play a couple chords and sometimes they were out again always high. not a lot mind ya but enough to sometimes hear. Didn't happen every time but enough to be distracting.
As usual these are my opinions and I'm sticking with em ! lol:p